The overall aim of the CARLiS project is to develop tools and capacities at top quality universities and research organisations in Bratislava and Vienna regions. This project will enable them to provide career training preparing PhD students for career paths beyond academia, especially in business, with specific focus on the life-science sector.

This way the project aims to contribute to increased quality and attractiveness of doctoral education at participating institutions and to stimulate better collaboration between the academic and business sector, retain talents in the region of Vienna-Bratislava and thus to prevent brain drain.

The project strengthens the capacity of RD&I and education system through:

  • Providing PhD students with the skills necessary for successful research careers beyond academia and thus facilitating knowledge circulation between academia and other sectors;
  • Providing the staff of participating institutions with skills necessary to develop and deliver effective career training for PhDs

The project strengthens the collaboration of actors in regional innovation system through:

  • Facilitating cross-sectoral and cross-border collaborations in the provision of doctoral training;
  • Creating the cross-border community of practice focusing on career development of researchers.

The main result of the project is a comprehensive training programme preparing students for careers in the life science sector addressing the skills gap in four areas: career skills, transferable skills, skills for transferring knowledge to practice and entrepreneurship skills.

In the scope of pilot trainings 80 PhD students shall receive training including those participating in joint international winter school. Moreover, at least 50 PhD students shall be provided an opportunity to participate in joint international matchmaking activity with employers

In addition, 20 professionals from participating institutions in Bratislava and Vienna will receive training and guidance on how to set up and provide effective career training and develop collaborations with non-academic sector for this purpose;

Employers (20) from the life science sector from Slovakia and Austria will collaborate in project activities

More than 100 staff members from participating institutions and other research institutions in the region will receive information on how to adapt programme to other sectors and disciplines.


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