CARLiS Career Stories

Explore the variety of career paths in the life sciences. Click on the name of researcher to learn what they do.


Silvia Bendíková

Team leader for next generation sequencing at MultiplexDX International

Tomáš Bertók

CTO and expert in biotechnology and medical applications at Glycanostics, LtD.

Lucia Bírošová

Expert in antimicrobial resistance and food safety,
Institute of Food Science and Nutrition (STU)

Radoslav Bonk

Co-founder and member of the management board at Nitroterra
Expert in using GIS systems for new-era biofertilizer solutions 

Martin Donoval

Expert in electrical engineering and infor­mation technologies
Director at Centre for Projects and Cooperation with Practice, STU

Attila Kulcsár

Member of management and medical device expert at BioRegen

Martina Lutterová

Consultant for health innovation and mentor
Co-founder and product developer at

Tomáč Mackuľák


Expert in complex water monitoring and development of new environmental technologies
National Centre for Research on Microplastics and Micropollutants, STU

Alex Munteanu

Animal Welfare Scientist in the Science Unit at Four Paws
Expert in veterinary medicine, cognitive biology and cognition & communiation

Nika Pende

Expert in microbiology, cell division and cell growth in non-model prokaryotes
Postdoc researcher at Institut Pasteur

Monika Radvanszká

Expert in Molecular Microbiology and Virology

Christoph Schmitt

Expert in metabolic biology and diseases, biomedical research
Chief editor at Nature Metabolism scientific journal

Joachim Seipelt

Expert in biotech management and financing, industrial collaboration and licensing
Member of management at Nuvonis Technologies GmbH

Peter Slezák

Expert in clinical research
Biostatistical programmer at Premier Research

Kvetoslava Vranková

R&D Director at Axxence Slovakia