Intersectoral Training Guide

This Guide offers a set of tips and resources for institutions willing to develop training activities preparing PhD students for careers beyond academia.

PDF version of the Guide including the complete set of course descriptions can be downloaded here.

Target groups of this Guide are:

  • HE managers responsible for research and/or doctoral students
  • Professionals in doctoral education
  • HR professionals and professionals in career development (of researchers) at HE
  • Experts who can potentially get involved in delivery of training for PhD students (project offices, technology transfer offices etc.)

The Guide provides information on:

What to consider before introducing career training for PhD students:

  • What are the reasons for and benefits (for PhD students and for the institution) of offering this type of training? How are the institutional efforts in this area linked to broader EU policies? Explore ˃˃
  • What skills should the training focus on? Learn more out about skills gap analysis in CARLiS project and other resources offering insights into skills researchers need and have. Explore ˃˃

Practical steps how to set up the training:

  • What do you need to know about the (regional) labour market for PhDs? Find out where to look for career opportunities for researchers. Explore ˃˃
  • How to develop specific courses? Get inspired by detailed course descriptions in the CARLiS training programme. Explore ˃˃
  • How to support professionals at your institution into the training delivery? Check the resources for new trainers. Explore ˃˃

Engaging employers:

  • How to organise networking events for PhD students and employers? Check the lessons learnt through organising CARLiS matchmaking event. Explore ˃˃
  • Learn more about the tips how to draft good career story or organise career talks

Tips for other resources:

  • Willing to learn more? Collection of tools and projects on career development of researchers offers plenty of tips for further exploration. Explore ˃˃