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From idea to venture: transform an idea into a successful business venture


The aim of this module is to give participants a helicopter perspective on all aspects of the business model and show them a start-up tool for iteration. These 2 tools will prepare them for a systematic validation approach.

Start Ups Dos and Don’ts (Legal Version)


The main goal of the training module is to explain the difference between the various legal forms of start-ups. From the point of view of intellectual property, describe its origin within the start-ups and the subsequent possibility of licensing and selling the intellectual property in general. 

Networking with business people


This  workshop provides a basic understanding of how to get access to business people. It presents a spectrum of networking activities to ensure that one’s value is appropriately communicated. The course will include theoretical input as well as practical exercise to ensure that PhD candidates gain experience how to approach business people as well as how to present themselves professionally in networking situations.

Creativity processes


The main goal of this activity is to introduce participants to ways of thinking, basic brainstorming methods and teach them how to use design thinking in their project and what is innovation challenge work. 

How to fail better

Lecture backed with stories

Lecture by experience couching on how to fail better and accepting that failure is part of the learning process