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Presentation & Communication Skills

Workshop /physical, interactive


Presentation skills bloc of the workshop will provide information on how to present oneself in different contexts (be it physical or on-line event). Aim of communication bloc is to improve skills of effective communication. The training parts of the workshop should help participants to apply acquired knowledge/tips in different scenarios.

Time & Self-management


Seminar provides participants with recommendations and examples of different methods how to structure their time and tasks. Goal of seminar is to improve capabilities not only to work as individuals but also in team management.

Teamwork & Intercultural Communication

Workshop or series of seminars/ webinars

Purpose of workshop is to provide set of recommendations how to be part of a team and/or how to lead a team. Moreover, the second part of workshop aims to guide participants in good/bad practices of intercultural communication. Basic introduction to conflict management in team is also fundamental part of activity. The training parts of the workshop should help participants to apply acquired knowledge/tips in different situations.


Workshop (leadership exercises and experiential activities)

Aim of the workshop is to provide participants with the practical framework for leadership development. The focus is on how one’s actions influence behaviours of others and developing the practical skills to increase the influence in a positive way.



Aim of the seminar is to guide participants with tips and practices of stress management, how to deal with challenges and dealing with failure in work life that should help them to deal with work/private life balance.

Project management

Training workshop

The aim of this training workshop is to provide an overview of and practical experience with the basic project management principles and techniques. Participants will learn how they can use these techniques to support their PhD research and how this experience can be used in another contexts. They will gain the basic project vocabulary that will help them better communicate within the project team and explore differences between the traditional and agile project management approaches.