The comprehensive training programme is the main outcome of the CARLiS project. The main goal of the programme is to prepare PhD students for careers in the life science sector.

How the programme was created: The programme was developed in collaboration with all project partners and external experts. The basic framework of the programme was drafted during the Design Workshop taking place in September 2021 building upon the outcomes of labour market and skills analysis. In the next step working groups consisting of members from all partner institutions and external experts drafted the content of each course. First part of the courses was pilot tested during the CARLiS Spring School in March 2022. Pilot testing continueed at all partner institutions. Lessons learnt during this process have been incorporated in the final descriptions that are available to all institutions considering introduction of similar programme.

How is the programme structured: The programme includes a set of courses and activities focusing on skills in four areas: career strategies, knowledge transfer, entrepreneurship and soft skills. It consists of core courses and extension courses. Institutions adopting the programme do not have to implement all activities - they can select the ones that fit the best their actual needs and possibilities.

Download the outline of the programme here.

Find out more about the courses here: 

Career strategies and skills

Soft skills

Knowledge transfer skills

Skills for entrepreneurship