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 "I am now aware of my career options after completing the PhD program." Janaki Devi Somasundaram, PhD candidate

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CARLIS project aims to contribute to improvement of doctoral education, better collaboration between the academic and business sector and retention of talents in the region of Vienna-Bratislava. Five partner organisations joined their forces to develop tools and institutional capacities for delivery of inter-sectoral career training preparing PhD students for career paths beyond academia. 

To achieve those aims we will:

  • Map the career opportunities in the life science sector in the region of Bratislava - Vienna and explore the gap between the skills PhDs have and those requested by employers outside academia.
  • Develop a comprehensive training programme helping PhDs to address the existing skills gap and prepare for succesful careers beyond academia. We will also train the professionals at participating institutions to deliver the programme.
  • Test the programme with PhD students at four institutions and evaluate its outcomes.
  • Create and facilitate the cross-border community of practice on career development of PhD students engaging researchers, employers and professionals supporting researchers career development.
  • Invest into disseminating lessons learnt to wider community of professionals at higher education institutions in the region.

Who will benefit from the project? 

Results of CARLIS project will bring multiple benefits for different target groups:

  • PhD students will gain access to market tailored career training increasing their employability in the non-academic job market.
  • Professional staff at involved institutions develops skills necessary to design and deliver inter-sectoral training programmes for PhD students.
  • Employers in life science sector will learn about the potential of PhD graduates and benefit they can create for the organisations across sectors.
  • PhD students, professional staff at universities as well as employers will gain possibility to engage and network in the cross-border platform.

Are you interested in collaboration? 

Currently, we are preparing the survey among PhDs. in the life science sector to identify their skills and training needs. We are also getting ready for a series of interviews with employers in the field of life sciences with whom we will talk about the contribution PhDs could make in their companies and skills and abilities needed for a successful research career outside academia.

Are you a company operating in the life science sector? We would be happy to hear about your views and experience.

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The CARLiS project is supported by the Interreg SK-AT Programme co-funded from the European Regional Development Fund. Learn more about the programme at